Hostel owners: Increase your occupancy rates quickly and easily is a Spanish Youth Hostels Guide and Network. Lowest price guaranteed, no booking fees and no extra costs.
The provides travelers with the ability to browse and make reservations with our best hostels partner selection in Spain.

If your hostel in not in a unique building, do not have a youth hostels license or do not follow our quality standardsīƒ , we won’t list them in our network. If your Youth Hostel has bad reviews, we might exclude the propriety from the list temporally, till the reviews are good again.
If you own or manage a youth hostel in Spain, (We only list Youth Hostels, not apartments, guest house or hotels, and we only list limited proprieties per each city), all you need to do is send us an e-mail, if we do not know the hostel or never heard about it we might visit the hostel before to start working together.

Best hostels of the month will receive awards.
Start increasing your occupancy almost immediately! There is NO fee to join us and we charge a very small commission per booking from the customers' credit cards - if you don’t get bookings: you pay us nothing.

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